Sunday, July 09, 2006

We are Mesozoic if you please

It's the stentorious Mr. Stegs, breathtaking Bronty, and the tantalizing Trice all done!

Pattern: Dinosaurs from Xtreme-Knitting
Yarn: Miscellaneous acrylic scraps. Yes! It's acrylic! At least now these dinosaurs won't go extinct.

Other Materials:
Boye's interchangeable needles - sizes 5 and 6
Polyfill stuffing

These were really fun to make, especially from scrap yarn. I added green stripes to Mr. Stegs since his pale yellow wasn't doing anything for me. I'm hoping these go to a niece or nephew, but who knows? They might end up on my project table to keep me company. They sure are a hoot, those silly 'saurs!


Sue, aka seiding said...

Oh, they're swell! And the poetic justice of the acrylic, the bridging of the eons, really speaks to me!

tekopp said...

the great use of acrylic, once a dinosaure, and now once more.

Really cool ones!

wonkyluvva said...

They are great!

sgeddes said...

Those are really great!

Batty said...

Acrylic dinos! I love them, they're so cool!

the kitchener bitch said...

cute-o-rama! I really like them!

the kitchener bitch (again) said...

hey - I just thought of the fact that acrylic is made out of petroleum is made out of dinosaurs. Natch!