Sunday, September 23, 2007

Idaho hold 'em

In a misguided effort to boost the bloggage, I have signed myself up for a full round of self-revelatory and potentially embarrassing posts. I am now part of the Knitty Blog Stalker 2 webring. Yes, that sounds vaguely threatening to me too.

I missed post 1, so I'm skipping right to the juicy stuff.





Here is The Purse. I only have one. I like the looks of most bags, but I require a high degree of functionality. You will see.

I have carried this purse for 2 years now. I fully intend to carry it until either it or I am too worn and threadbare to continue to function. Every purse I have really used in the past 20 years (did I just say 20 years? no, I do not speak as I write. that is only for reading) fits this model:

The Star Fleet Standard Tricorder. What could possibly be more useful than that? Note the ever-present pen, ready for the draw:

Let's peek inside. The flap is velcroed shut. The flap reveals a handy pocket.

Unzip the flap and you will find my one nod to femininity. Yes, I have an extensive supply of tinted lip gloss. Along with bandaids, one lonely Sudafed tablet and the tampon that is not necessary until you don't have it along.

More boy scout material: personal cell phone, albuterol, travel kleenex, and a calculator.

Now to the guts of it. Here, you think, is where it gets interesting.


Wallet, maxi-pad, work phone, work phone charger, work keys, tiny mirror (if there is any doubt, it clearly states MIRROR on its frame), and I kid you not, a swiss army knife.

That's it! Really! I'm not pretty, but dang if I'm not prepared for anything.