Sunday, July 23, 2006

No yarn, no pr0n

Sorry folks, just words today. DH has gone away with the camera, otherwise I would be flashing the yarn pr0n all over your eyes like sticky on skin in the summer.

Today is the one month anniversary of my Stashalong pledge. Now, to me it is a bit too easy to pledge to 3 months of only buying yarn once a month, and with 2 strikes thrown in. So I went all in and pledged to one year, no monthly purchases. No yarn at all, unless it is necessary to complete a project.

I have begun the rediscovery of all the yarn I bought thinking this one more pack will fulfill and complete me. Buying online is the worst, it feels like I have some secret admirer sending me fluffy love through the mail. Well, now I just managed to make my anniversary sound sad and pathetic. Maybe spending days in the cool basement alone with the dogs wasn't such a sound idea after all...

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