Thursday, July 06, 2006

More from the fiber front

Tonight I picked up the rest of the purchase I made with my wheel. Such a nice woman, I am sad for her loss of fun toys, but hopefully I can gain back some karma by making nice FOs for friends and family. Included were more tools:

Carders (nice ones too!)

A skein winder (it's been nice working with you kitchen chair, but you may now return to your original duties as butt-holder).

And now you'll see why those carders will come in handy. I got about 2 pounds of unwashed wool, here you can see a closeup of the crimp and all that lovely lanolin. It smells so nice and sheepy!

And over ten pounds of hemp fiber! DH will be so pleased when I make him a beanie of handspun, handknit hemp! Okay, let's not get too optimistic yet... It looks like it's all ready to spin!

I will need a few more accessories, like a threader and bobbins and - oh yeah - lessons!

Keeping my fingers crossed for nasty stay-indoors type of weather!


wonkyluvva said...

I shall perform a rain dance for you, and send lesson vibes your way. Can wait to see you start to spin! Wonkyspinning! Wow what a concept!

DomesticOverlord said...

*snort* Buttholder. HA!

vanillabean said...

I love that you call your chair a "buttholder". Reminds me of over the shoulder boulder holders!

the kitchener bitch said...

Awesome setup. Nice to see you're stoked to go!