Monday, July 17, 2006

Silver bullet package from my SP!

This weekend the postman brought a shiny silver package all the way from the UK. I'm cashing in on some good karma here. I have no knowledge of exactly how and where and to whom my good deeds were bestowed, but I'm willing to acknowledge my exemplary behaviour if it results in this:

Runner's World Magazine (yay summer and sunrise runs!)

Marigold tea (mmm, calming relaxing evening tea)

Cute choco-crazed woman card (yeah, baby!)

And best of all, my own Lily of the Valley Perdita in a soft green with lovely emerald beads and sequins! Displayed here on my pale scrawny wrist (somehow it fits perfectly too!)

And I have to point out that the fastening is even more beautiful, with these exquisite silver roses:

Wherever you are out there, thank you Secret Pal!


wonkyluvva said...

Yay! It got there!

LadyLungDoc said...

That's brilliant of her to use those buttons for the closure!