Thursday, March 09, 2006

Pretty in Progress

And now, for my next trick, watch me pull a sweater out of my... Well, anyway I am going to make this lovely for me! It's from Vintage Knits by Sarah Dallas. Everything in this book is knitable, wearable, and sexy.

The only gotcha so far is the sizing - I ususally wear small, this pattern has me at large... Hmm. I'll take the middle road and try the medium.

I'm using this yarn, Debbie Bliss Cathay in a periwinkle that homestyle amateur digital photography fails to capture. But the shine you see is all real - cotton, microfiber and silk, so nice to knit!

Here is the beginning, rib and rib and rib. I'm ready to start the pattern stitch, which is more rib and rib and rib. Fun! Now for the katcha katcha thingy.

Stash Flash!

Here are some nice wooly yarns that look so autumnal together. Lots of yarn, lots of possibilities. Maybe some bags, a jacket, my dream is a lace-knitted skirt with the brown and a silky peach underslip.

And here is a pic of my stash closet with random gloves and hats calling...

Looky what came in the mail yesterday!!!

So excited to get started on a pretty pretty - uh, I mean handsome, scarf for DH. And a fluffy hat for me!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Baby sweater!

Here is the baby sweater that I made for my new little niece. Only 2 months late, but that's pretty fast for me. The pattern is from Vogue Vintage Knits, in Peter Pan Wendy yarn.Here is a closeup of the sweater, you can see the lace stitch better. It has lots of opportunity for frogging!

Little critters

When I was a kid, I loved Projects. And stories. This was my first really successful knitting project. Here are the wizard, king, queen, and princess. Note the queen is the only one with a crown...

Here are a scary ghost and pirate. It's hard to tell but the pirate has an eyepatch. Arghh!This guy is my favorite, the dragon with a long scaly tail.This horsey has a bit of a 'fro.Dog and cat, in loving companionship

Welcome, Me!

Welcome to cyberspace, wonky one!