Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sharing the Love

There must be a lot of love in the world for this much to land in my mailbox. Thanks to the thoughtful Ali for putting together the Knitty "Spread the Love" VD campaign!

From Knitmonkey, I just got a pile of rocks. Just kidding, they are the edible kind, lovely and yummy! Oh, how did you know how much I love these?

And my special Secret VD infector was CelticCoyote! Yarn, yummies, and some wonderful muscle creams. Love-in-a Box!!!

Look closely and you can see the specially engraved WonkyRock (tm):

What? I got more! A surprise gift from Ali herself! In a beautiful bag:

Were these lovelies! And a lot of delectables as well, unfortunately they did not survive long enough to make the photo shoot:

And I can't leave out the lovin' from my dear man!

* sigh *

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