Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ah HA!

My Knitty Secret Pal was Glittrgirl! Her packages have been such wonderful surprises, it really made my summer to get such sweet gifts from her!

I opened my final package to find these confections:

Sorry, Glittrgirl, but that pretty wrapping paper didn't last long! And how on earth did all that expand into this?

Wow! An extravaganza!

  • Look at the center - ZOMBIE BEAR! Yes, a kit to make my own Zombie Bear! Whoo hoo!
  • Thread and beads to make a MaryElla. Yes!
  • Sheer flower socks for summer!
  • Wonderfully minty Black Bullets
  • Specially wrapped lollipop (too funny!)
  • 3 cool pins - a pirate, "Knit Case" (oh yeah, that's me!), and "Make Scarves Not War" (indeed!)\
  • Mr Kipling cakes magnet (how did you know I love to kiple!)
  • Postit notes with a butterfly!

And such funny sock monkey cards you have, I'm gonna miss you as a secret pal, Glittrgirl!


glittrgirl said...

Good secret pals don't die. They keep sending stuff at odd times and blog stalk their victims regularly. Expect comments as myself now :D

veritas said...

wonkee wooo i miss yoooo.


Martha said...

Hey Wonky, I have posted the pics of our recent brush with fame (or at least a celebrity!) Call me and I'll tell you where the original size photo is hiding, and where you can link to it.

Jessica said...

You forgot to mention that beautiful yarn. Is that Malabrigo? :) Pretty :)