Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mom will be proud this winter

Three hats! Just in time for fall and a cold Idaho winter!

Alpaca Beanie

Pattern: HJS Studio Beanie No. 212
Yarn: Alpaca Warehouse Superfine Alpaca Yarn 1 50g skein in olive melange, held 2 strands
Needles: #4 Boye aluminum circulars, #3 Boye aluminum circulars and #3 aluminum dpns

Notes: The pattern calls for #4 needles, which I started with. Then when DH tried it on, he said it seemed too loose, so I switched to #3's. This proved to be fatal, as the hat was then too tight for a brim, so I went with a beanie style instead.

I also changed the ribbing to be all 2x2 ribbing, and at the top where the pattern decreases, I changed the decrease portions to be k1, slip 1, k1, psso, p1 at the beginning of the needle, and then at the end: p1, k2tog, k. This kept a kind of ribbing along the decreases.

The beanie was still too small for DH, so I think this is a present for the nephew.

Alpaca Beanie with Brim

Pattern: HJS Studio Beanie No. 212
Yarn: Alpaca Warehouse Superfine Alpaca Yarn 2 50g skeins in olive melange, held 2 strands
Needles: #4 Boye aluminum circulars, #3 Boye aluminum circulars and #3 aluminum dpns

Notes: The first beanie was too small, so this time I used the same yarn, double-stranded, and the #4 circulars and dpns. I also followed the pattern, since DH was disappointed that his last beanie was not vintage. :-)

Success! The hat fits nicely and DH loves it! I highly recommend this pattern, it is simple and quick and fun to have. Isn't he cute in it?


Uh oh, it seems someone has a gauge problem.

But wait! It's nothing a little spin in the washer and dryer can't fix! Hooray! And now we know it's machine washable too!

Pattern: Shedir from
Yarn: Frog Tree Pima Silk, 85% pima cotton, 15% silk in plum, 2 50g skeins
Needles: #4 Boye aluminum circulars, #4 aluminum dpns

Notes: Ayyy! Hubris hit me hard. I swapped the Frog Tree yarn for the Rowan Calmer, which is specified in the pattern. The gauge was almost the same, and I did not swatch. Well, the hat was a little big, much less for a hairless head. Into the washer and dryer!

This pattern was really very fun to knit. The cabling can be a little fussy but I loved watching the twists take shape, and it was constantly interesting. And as entranced as I was with the cables, the snowflake top is the best!

The first picture is the best representation of the color of this yarn, the other pics were taken at night because I was too impatient for daylight. The fabric was just heavenly to touch, I am hoping that the cotton/silk blend will be a little warmer than the Calmer's cotton acrylic.

Yay Pima Silk!


the kitchener bitch said...

Yay, it's the return of WonkyKnits! They all look really nice - good job. I like the decreases on the first one from the top view, and Shedir looks amazing. Bravo!

Rosi G. said...

I love those hats!! Bookmarked the patterns for knitting later. :D

Sarah said...

The top of that Shedir is gorgeous. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Your hat looks great! I sure hope mine turns out as well. I too chose purple, but did go with the Calmer. What soft yarn to knit with!

DomesticOverlord said...

Arr! I be lovin' the beanies like I love me own grog!

AndreaR said...

Nice beanies! Thanks for the picture of the top of your DH's hat -- that is nifty. Yours is lovely as well.

Where in Idahohoho are you? I'm in the panhandle portion of the state (CDA).

OldLadyPenPal said...

those are EXCELLENT!
your husband has nice eyebrows, and you have nice eyelashes. those are you eyelashes, right? not that you'd borrow lashes, you know what i mean.

the kitchener bitch said...

WHERE IS THE WONKY???? Are we to be deprived of Wonky's blogging?! Woe to us bloghounds!

DomesticOverlord said...

Everyday I come here,
and everyday I cry.
No Wonky to be found.
Why? Oh why!?

veritas said...

yes! i want more wonkee! i want more wonkee!

wonkee wonkee shes our dame
if she can't do it no one

Anonymous said...

Wonky-Mom is so proud of wonky. Wonky has become a better knitter than Wonky-Mom and continues to advance. The alpaca beanies are great. Keep up the good work.

Why would a mother name her child Wonky, anyway?

Martha said...

OK, I'm with the clamoring masses: Where are you Wonky? You know how to reach me but I not you. I'd love to hear how your move went.