Sunday, June 18, 2006

More warm shoulders

Here are the other projects I cast off in the past 2 months. Cast off quite literally! It is too warm to wear them, and I am too busy knitting to blog them.

This was my first Clapotis, modified to have only 3 increase sections. In Cherry Tree Hill Twister, which is a heavenly superwash/merino blend. I had a 8oz hank, and was left with about 2 oz. to hopefully make a matching Odessa.

And that was so much fun, I cast right on for Clapotis #2! This one was done in Noro Silk Garden, colorway 32. I used 6 skeins, and made it with 13 increases and 14 straight sections.

Because this yarn is so very yummy, here is a closeup:

As others have noted, the drops are difficult in Silk Garden because the yarn is rough and the stitches do not slip nicely down. But it is so very worth it! I would recommend making the ladders as you go, so as to tackle the frustrations into small doses.

And wait, I have another scarf to show off! This is Liesel in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece mill ends. I don't know how much yarn I used, but it made a much shorter scarf than the pattern, and a warning that mill ends have a lot of knots! However, the ball cost me $1.75, so I'm not complaining. This made a fun pretty spring scarf and I really enjoyed the lace.


Martha said...

Boy, you've been busy! What a collection! They're beautiful.

wonkyluvva said...

ooooo lovely! ;)