Sunday, June 18, 2006

Finding meaning in food

DH insisted at first that this fortifying breakfast treat:

was a sacred image of the Virgin Mary:

while I was voting for its resemblance to this:

so we compromised on the Buddha:

which was fine with me, as I was hungry. And as a good budding buddhist, I knew that if I ever met the Buddha on my plate, I should eat the Buddha. Thank you for the yummy breakfast, Buddha!


Penny Karma said...

Where the hell does he see Mary??? It's a SMILEY FACE.

Magatha said...

Looks like one of the Campbell's kids to me! I need to make pancakes more often, so entertaining! Luv you Wonky.

Blogstalker, Magt

cpurl17 said...

I say, go for Mary so you can sell it on Ebay!

the kitchener bitch said...

Yep, Our Lady of the House of Pancakes sure looks like a smiley to me.