Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pandas will love me

Here I am breaking new ground in the world of fiber. I bought this Blue Moon Fiber Arts Bambu because I have had a hankering for Convertible. The yarn for both projects was Blue Moon Fiber Arts Bambu in colorway Pebble Beach.


I thought this was a very clever construction, with its ability to wrap or scarf or shrug itself around me.

Pattern: Convertible from
Needles: #6 aluminum straights
Notions: 20 pearl blue buttons
Notes: I only did 14 pattern repeats, since I stopped when I got from one wrist to the other. I used 1 3/4 skeins.

To make the double-sided buttons, I used back-threading buttons with a flat bottom. That way they stayed together nicely when they were back-to-back. And instead of using wire, I just tied them together with the pattern yarn. I was worried about whether wire would catch on the garment, and also about my technical abilities with pliers.

This was a fun knit, interesting enough to keep going for the whole stretch of the wrap, and yet simple enough to let me watch Mystery! or talk. Or both.

Leftovers Dream Swatch

Waste not, want not! I took the last 1/4 skein of Bambu to whip up a Dream Swatch headband.

Pattern: Dream Swatch by Wendy Bernard
Needles: #3 aluminum straights
Notes: Easy Peasy! The yarn was a little splitty for the crosshatching stitch, but it worked.


cpurl17 said...

It's beautiful!
I was fondling some Bambu only yesterday so I can imagine how soft your new shrug is.

glittrgirl said...

That's a gorgeous combo! Well done!

turtlegirl76 said...

OOh! Pretty! I have yarn to make this and still need to get around to starting it. I love your colors! They remind me of tht Lucy colorway from STR.

Lesa said...

Your Convertible is beautiful! I love the colors too.

Jo said...


That looks great on you, and you appear to be a lace-blocking wizard.

Ali said...

Beautiful Convertible and beautiful Wonky!

itgirl said...

Pandas won't love you. Pandas will hate you because you've used all of their food sources. Really, you're a panda killer.

maryannlucy said...

That is beautiful, you have made me want to add it to my "must do" list. The colourway is lovely, and really suits you.

veritas said...


you are panda-licious, they will see you and give you Cuddles, and really small giraffes.

Rachel said...

The yarn is beautiful!! I love dream swatches. Such a great way to use the leftovers!!

steph_knits said...

Here lately every blog I look at has a dream swatch. I think someone is trying to tell me something.

I love your convertible; it looks so nice on you!

ZantiMissKnit said...

Both are lovely. I didn't think much of Convertible until I've seen yours, now I love it! Of course, the colors of it are great colors for you -- they match your hair and your eyes!

Kristina B said...

I thought I had commented on this already but apparently not.

Absolutely stunning. And you certainly did pick the perfect colours for your complexion.

olpp said...

You are so lovely, so so lovely in many ways! Lovely knitting, yes yes, but lovely Wonkstress!

roxy =^o^= said...


I love the combination!

BTW - you look like catgirl ;)


xo roxy

vagabunda said...

Hi Wonky!

I am hoping to find the pattern for your dream swatch. It's not coming up when I click on the link. Any helpful hints?



vagabunda said...

Hi Wonky!

I am hoping to find the pattern for your dream swatch. It's not coming up when I click on the link. Any helpful hints?